Geology of the Living Earth

A course in three meetings over the cause of ½ year.



1st meeting: A weekend in London in November 2020.
2nd meeting: A weekend at Emerson Collage or the Field Centre in February 2021.
3rd meeting: A full week at Leob Croft, Isle of Mull in April 17th to 24th 2021.

What’s it About?

This course comes together with a study of the newly published book by Dankmar Bosse “The Mutual Evolution of Earth and Humanity. Sketch of a Geology and Paleontology of the Living Earth” (Steiner Books, 2019).


Each of the three meeting can be visited separately. Especially the geomorphology week on Mull is like a course of its own.  Attending all three sessions will give the totality of the book and into Geology and Evolution of the Earth (both in anthroposophical and in academic scientific ways).


There are no limitations to who can join. Previous knowledge in geology, geomorphology or paleontology (and in anthroposophy) is not necessary, but helpful. It is a prerequisite though to study the book and prepare (by reading) the respective parts prior to each meeting.


What will happen in a meeting?

The meetings will give

  • a summary and overview of the books respective part

  • discussion about the content and

  • deepening a understanding of one main feature of the topic

  • a presentation of some of the phenomena discussed by visiting museums (London) or having excursions and field trips to places of geological interest.


First weekend (at Rudolf Steiner House, London. With day trip to the Natural History Museum.

First Part of Bosses Book: “Paleontology”.


  • Evolution of man and animals

  • Principals of evolution (anthroposophical and geological)

  • What do fossils (of dinosaurs for instance) tell us about “our” history?

  • ½ day trip to Natural History Museum.


Second Weekend (at Emerson College in South England or The Field Centre (West England) with excursions to sedimentary rocks): "The Process of Rock Formation".


  • The stages of earth evolution in anthroposophy and geology

  • The origin of the moon

  • How minerals (and rocks in general) are formed

  • Daytrip to chalk cliffs and sand stone formations


3rd meeting: Full Week: Geomorphology and the genesis of landscape on the Isle of Mull at Leob Croft.


  • Study of the polarity of basalt and granite

  • Evolution of landscape

  • Geomorphology, land forms since the ice age.

  • We`ll have daily indoor session (lectures, workshops, seminars) and half day excursions and some full day field trips. Cars required.





On Mull we live in shared holiday cottages in single, double or twin rooms. Meals are self-organized within the households (bring and share food!). Some meals will be with the whole group (prepared for us) and sometimes we have a pick nick or go to a pub.

Prices: Single room (per week) £200, double and twin £150.



Full course £380


Single events:

1st weekend: £120

2nd weekend: £120

3rd meeting (full week): £280

(plus accommodation and food, plus traveling costs, and for instance Iona ferry and Staffa boat trip)



With: Dr Judyth Sassoon (not confirmed yet)


With: Dr. Renatus Derbidge, he studies Biology, Geography and Philosophy in Berlin, was a co-worker at the natural science section at the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland for seven years and now lives on the Isle of Mull as an independent researcher, author and workshop-leader. During his years in Berlin he joined many workshops and excursions with the Geologist Dr. Bosse who was very influential on his way into the Goethean scientific approach and anthroposophy.

Know Yourself! This is the ancient slogan of the Apollo temple of Delphi. It`s the way and the aim of life. It`s about personal and spiritual growth. It`s about initiation. Every knowledge, if it is not purely intellectual, makes you more connected. Knowledge and experiences that are deepening heartfelt relationships are  part of this motto. Here you find a range of events that embrace and unite spiritual growth, nature and community aspects. We believe they belong together and are, brought into harmony, the foundation of finding peace and creating peace. That is easy to say and hard to grasp. That is why we offer experiences!

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