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Prehistoric Monuments in the Context of Our Time
Outer Hebrides: North Uist, Harris and Lewis
Monday 9th to Monday 16th August 2021

Languages English

Mystery places in the Hebrides with Renatus Derbidge

Glamping in luxurious bell tents including catering, at some of the worlds most beautiful beaches!

The famous stone circle at Callanish is the archetype of all stone circles. No other stone circle expresses better, what they are about: an installation or demonstrating of an ideal of social life that includes nature, the landscape, the cosmos and also each individual in its uniqueness. This trip is all about own experiences of this "archetype" which is the fundamental experience of the "Western Mysteries"

We will spend 3 days at Callanish and its surrounding area with many other stone circles. We`ll visit the main circle at different times of day, weather conditions, moods, but also the many other interesting stone circles of the area.

Other sites that we will visit, study and where we will do observation exercises will be Cairns, places of the Celtic Saints, Celtic broch towers, wonderful standing stones, amazing beaches and places to spend the summer at the sea. Another subject will be holy sites of the Celtic Church, atmospheric church ruins that once where the universities of medieval times. An esoteric Christianity has once lived here and is now deeply inscribed into the places where we can connect to that spirit. Rudolf Steiner refers these places to what he called the "Hybernian or Western Msrteries". This trip will be an investigation of what theses mysteries are today and how they can enliven our lives and communities and society in times of change.

Meeting point to start the journey will be North Uist. To start with, we will delve into the colours and moods and endless white beaches of the outer Hebrides. On North Uist there are many Celtic Christian sites (remains of) with an atmosphere that help us to understand what the Celtic Church was about and what its contribution to a healthy and modern today could be. North Uist also hosts a wonderful stone circle and cairn. From there, we take the ferry to Harris, where we`ll camp on the most beautiful spots one can imagine (Luskentyre beach). The scenery is breath taking, standing stones give us the opportunity to study the landscape and qualities of the Hebrides. On Lewis we will spend most of the time at Callanish to study what a stone circle actually can tell us about ourselves, the world, the future and what they were about in the past. We end the tour on Lewis`s most northern tip- a ancient holy site of the Celtic church. The end opens opportunities for everyone to decided for themselves what else to do afterwards, because if you can stay longer on these islands, you should!

Fee: £970 (twin tent); £860 (4-tent)

The fee includes tuition/seminars and glamping in our Klondike bell tents and a 3-course evening meal. The tents are equipped with camping beds, a warm carped flooring and a wood burning stove. Each day our good spirit John will take tents down for us, drive to the next place to set them up again so that everything will be prepared for us when we come "home" after our day trips including a wonderful wholesome dinner. John was chef at the Columba Hotel on Iona, which is famous for its organic, healthy and tasty food!


You can choose between sharing a twin tent or a gender separated 4-person tent.

We travel in cars- please bring one and share it or join a existing car group. All car costs will be equally distributed among all participants.

Not included:

- lunches (we will pass grocery shops to get us what we need for the day, sometimes we`ll stop at a café or pub to get snacks or a light meal or simply a cup of coffee.

- ferry rides (they also need to be booked by you in advance!

- you need to bring your own car or share a car with someone (I assist in finding someone if you don't come with a car).

- Bring a sleeping mat and sleeping bag.

- Binoculars, drawing paper and colours can make the experience even richer.

- We don't supply drinks for the meals except for water. So feel free to bring whatever you need or desire.

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