Prehistoric Monuments in the Context of Our Time

Outer Hebrides, the Uists, Harris and Lewis

8. to 15. August 2021

Languages English and German

Mystery places in the Hebrides with Renatus Derbidge

The famous stone circle at Calanish is the archetype of all stone circles. No other stone circle expresses better, what they are about: a installation of social life that includes nature, the landscape up to the heavens and stars, but also each individual in its uniqueness.

We will spend 3 days just at Calanish. We`ll visit the main circle at many different times of day, weathers, moods but also the many other stone circles in the area.

Other sites will be a Celtic broch tower, wonderful standing stones, amazing beaches an places to spend the summer at the sea.

We start with the 5h long ferry trip from Oban to South Uist. On South Uist we delve into the colours and moods and endless white beaches of the outer Hebrides. On North Uist there are many Celtic christian sites and monasteries (remains of) with a mood that help to understand what the Celtic church was about and what its contribution to a healthy and modern today could be. North Uist also hosts a wonderful stone circle and cairn. From there we take a small ferry to Harris, where we`ll camp on the most beautiful spots one can imagine. The scenery is breath taking, standing stones give us the opportunity to study the landscape and qualities of the Hebrides. On Lewis we will spend most of the time at Calnish to study what a stone circle actually can tell us about us, the world, the future and what they were for in the past. We end the tour on its most northern tip- a ancient holy site of the Celtic church. This end opens opportunities for everyone to decided for themselves what else to to afterwards, because if you can stay longer on these islands, you should!

Fee: £450 tuition and organization.

Accommodation varies from 0 to about £400 depending on your standard - wild camping, B&B or Hotel. You tell us what you need, we`ll organize it. At B&B is about £80/night.

You need to come by car - if you offer a space in your car you can share costs. We assist in finding suitable candidates. Ferry are quite experience, calculate about £200 for al ferries for a car and two people including your ferry back to the mainland.

We eat out or cook together where possible. Think about £25/day in average.


Know Yourself! This is the ancient slogan of the Apollo temple of Delphi. It`s the way and the aim of life. It`s about personal and spiritual growth. It`s about initiation. Every knowledge, if it is not purely intellectual, makes you more connected. Knowledge and experiences that are deepening heartfelt relationships are  part of this motto. Here you find a range of events that embrace and unite spiritual growth, nature and community aspects. We believe they belong together and are, brought into harmony, the foundation of finding peace and creating peace. That is easy to say and hard to grasp. That is why we offer experiences!

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