Du suchst intensive Gemeinschaftserfahrung, persönliche Weiterentwicklung und vertiefende, intime Naturbeziehung?



Cultivating Sense, Sensation and Self-development in Nature


Sense of nature

Earthly piety

Will to heal

Spiritually Deepening 6-month Training in Nature

Postponed to 2022

Know Yourself! This is the ancient slogan of the Apollo temple of Delphi. It`s the way and the aim of life. It`s about personal and spiritual growth. It`s about initiation. Every knowledge, if it is not purely intellectual, makes you more connected. Knowledge and experiences that are deepening heartfelt relationships are  part of this motto. Here you find a range of events that embrace and unite spiritual growth, nature and community aspects. We believe they belong together and are, brought into harmony, the foundation of finding peace and creating peace. That is easy to say and hard to grasp. That is why we offer experiences!

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