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Speaking Stones

Making the past be alive and tell us something about ourselves

You will visit sacred sites like standing stones or ta stone circle and delve into the place. We use the Goethean approach of exact sensual observation, starting with observation exercises, going deeper by describing our object, going into its gestures, movements, by trying to let it speak to us. In fact, you will slip into it and try to be it. It then will become very alive and – maybe like in ancient times – will tell you something about not only being a stone but, to be a human being! Such, stones turn into mirrors of our innermost being reminding us of our true self. Can I be upright like that stone with that certain gesture of serious eternal knowing? And at the same time being so full of humor and joy? Please send an email for inquires about available dates. Costs depend on group size and duration of the workshop/guided tour. I can tailor your tour to your time possibilities and interests.

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