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Courses, Excursions, Guided Tours, Lectures

Courses, seminars, guided tours with Renatus:

Renatus, born 1979 in Frankfurt, Germany, is a nature boy, a trained biologist, geographer and philosopher. His passion are birds and birdsong. As a crofter he tries to remember what he learned 20 years ago when living on a farm for 1 ½ years as a young man. He is totally into cows, pigs and growing beetroot. If not looking at plants or listening to birdsong, then it’s probably raining, and he is indoors at his desk writing about nature and soul and the curiosities of life.

After a short (4 years) intermezzo of being a high school science teacher, he worked for the past 10 years as a Goethean scientist in Switzerland (Goethean science is a holistic, sensual approach to nature, scientific, yet not excluding feelings and other wonderful things that belong to our human experience).

In 2018 he finished his PhD with a study about the healing plant mistletoe (used in natural cancer remedies).

Mull and the Leob Croft are his new home. He knows the place since he started to organized and facilitated the “Summer School Isle of Mull and Iona" – a summer course for about 50 people from all over the globe who want to reconnect with nature and their neglected spirituality – at Leob in 2016.

He loves to facilitate experiences and to share observations and to explore - alone, with someone, in groups, with children or with friends the wildlife, wilderness, animals, plants and their secrets on Mull and beyond.


Curious? Book an "expedition" into the wild and the nature of soul and be amazed by what you`ll discover!

Please find below the choice of different workshops that Renatus offers on Mull and Iona (and click on the picture for further information).

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