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Being Animal – Being Human

To become animal, to connect with its powers, makes us whole and truly human

You will be guided into the realm or kingdom of an animal as if it’s a sacred temple to be discovered. This can be a raven, a deer, an otter, grey seal or a white-tailed eagle (your choice- pick any animal that you feel a connection with or that you would like to discover as a part in your soul that needs recognition). I use the Goethean approach of exact sensual observation, elements of “vision quests” and shaman knowledge. In essence we do modern druidry. This exploration of “animal” that surround us is a spiritual journey of understanding nature as our inner nature. Any discovery, any observation that we will do, will be at the same time bringing us closer to ourselves. This is a healing process as well as a very joyful, humorous and satisfying encounter with the beauty of places. You can choose between sessions of 3 hours (minimum) up to a daytrip or repetitive sessions as a guided decent into soul. Please send an email for inquires about available dates. Costs depend on group size and duration of the workshop/guided tour. I can tailor your tour to your time possibilities and interests. I`m currently based in Dunbar, East Lothian.

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