Speaking Flowers

Plants can tell us something about ourselves

You will visit places of outstanding natural beauty with a variety of habitats and flowering plants. We use the Goethean approach of exact sensual observation, starting with observation exercises, going deeper by describing our object, going into its gestures, reconstructing the movements of its growing patterns, going into its leave and flower forms and observing our soul movement by doing so. Its color will tell us a lot about a certain expression incorporated in the flower. The plant gradually will start to speak to us and reveal its hidden qualities and (maybe) healing properties. In fact, you will slip into it and try to be it. It then will become very alive and speaking. It will tell you about self-recognition as well. We are the world around us. Our soul is the soul of the world. Such phrases will be experience after such an observation and will be nourishing and memorable for a long time. Such flowers turn into mirrors of our innermost being reminding us of our true self. Can I be so radiant and yellow like that dandelion or so humble and shy like that deep dark yet pale and with an inmost secret of orange in its core like a violet? Please send an email for enquirers about available dates. Costs depend on group size and duration of the workshop/guided tour. We can tailor your tour to your time possibilities and interests.

Short Course in the Language of Flowers @ Leob

What is a flower and why are we so fond of them?

Four Sunday afternoon opportunities to connect with their secrets.


12th April 3pm: Daffodils


10th Mai 3pm: The Rose Family (blossoms of Plum, Cherry, Apple, Quince)


28th June 3pm: Study of the metamorphosis of leaves and Lilies


12th July 3pm: Whatever will be flowering then (like St. Johns Wort)



Where? At Leob Croft, PA70 6HF, near Bunessan (please leave car behind the gate, meeting point at houses down the track).

Registration appreciated: 0777 567 04 96

If weather doesn’t allow being outside, the workshop will be held indoors.

How much? £10 each or all four for £30.

Duration 2-3h including a break with tea and cake provided.

Workshop not suitable for kids but kids welcome, Charlot will look after them with an alternative program (in this case kinds £5 and registration necessary).