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9th SUMMER SCHOOL - The Hibernian Way

Dates not confirmed

but likely going to be 17th to 23rd July 2024.

3 days at Pishwanton Wood, East Lothian, Scotland.

4 days on the Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides.

The Goethean path of inquiry as soul encounter. Place studies of the Western Mysteries as examples to learn the Goethean method at Pishwanton Woods. On Lewis, applying the methodology to the famous stone circles of Callanish. Full Moon at the Stone Circle, Summer Solstice at e Stones.




Organized by the Life Science Trust / Ruskin Mill Land Trust.

Voices from participants of the Summer School 2021:


“Following my heart & intuition; from the very first moment everything we did on Summer School confirmed that I was at the right time in the right place!” (RS)

“Being and doing together with real people at last, after 'lockdown' year- was the best thing. Felt very blessed and happy, to be with such inspiring, kind, beautiful souls. Exciting, international vibe. Warm, vibrant, enquiring, family atmosphere, all generations welcome and present. Wildflowers wandering everywhere and homely animal friends too. Seeing puffins for the first time on Staffa- sensational! Altogether, a great adventure exploring the aims of anthroposophy creatively, in a natural, unstuffy environment and marvelling at treading in the footsteps of the great Mr. Dunlop!” (EW)


“Despite all Corona complications, I was able to calm down the outer waves and let grow something inside which I felt could reach out to the companions of the summer school.”  (CB)


“The current chaos in the world gave it an extra edge and meaning. A great group of diverse but in some ways like-minded people. We managed to create quite a powerful vessel for renewal and insight.” (JH)


“Observe nature and the landscape, create and share in the group the way we did it, has been eye opening for me. A renewal of the self through these practices.” (GP)

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