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8th SUMMER SCHOOL - The Hibernian Way

29th July to 5th August 2023

at Pishwanton Wood, East Lothian, Scotland.

Daytrips and Excursion to outstanding places of the Western Mysteries.

The spiritual landscape of  the South-east of Scotland and Northern England.

A Week of Nature Observation, Sense Awakening, Spiritual Schooling and Community Building.




Organized by the Life Science Trust / Ruskin Mill Land Trust.

The Hibernian Way – Details:


There is a continues steam through time, from the builders of the megalithic monuments, to the Celts, the Celtic Christianity to a new empathic approach to Nature that we find in Goethe and other holistic thinkers and practitioners of today. What they have in common is, that hey value the primacy of perception as a fully valid source of knowing. Our modern culture is very much one of cognition and rationalizing the appearances. A culture of perception and a training to get there (again), needs to take appearances seriously and deepen the experiences to get to the core of things, which is a world that reveals itself as the inner world of the human being. This workshop follows this “stream” outwardly in history and places around Pishwanton Woods in East Lothian on the Southeast of Scotland and inwardly through exercises and own experiences. This week offers experiences, observations and seminars about the approach of the Hibernian Way that embraces the spiritual within the sensual and tries to overcome the dualistic separation that disconnects us from ourselves, the outer and the natural world around us.


We will be visiting sacred sites of the Neolithic time, the Celts and Pics, Celtic Christian sites and ones of modern spirituality. Observations and reflections on the impact of “perception” as a culture.

Based at Fairhill Rise / Pishwanton Wood at the Live Science Center.


Glamping: Staying in spacious 4-people Bell-Tents on site. Equipped with carpets, mattresses and a wood burning stove.

Food: Full Catering provided.

Day-trips: We share private cars for the day-trips.


After a wholesome breakfast we leave in the cars for the day’s destinations (distances maximum 1,5h drive away) where we will look at fascinating historical sites, share observations and gather impressions. Lunch (Lunch boxes to take with us will be prepared after breakfast) at the sites. Return by 5pm. A warm supper at 6pm. In the evenings we will have seminars in the life science building to share impressions, deepen experiences and hear more about the Hibernian Way.


Destinations will be:


  • Traprain Law (the landscape of East Lothian), Standing Stones (the megalithic people and their mindset)

  • Cup and Ring-Marked rocks in Northumberland around “Wooler” and Duddo Stone Circle (topic: the Neolithic mind, the senses and the primate of perception)

  • The monastery (ruins) of Lindisfarne, the “Iona of the East” and a Saxon hill-fort (topic: St Columba, St Aidan, St Cuthbert, the Celtic Church and their approach to nature and the spirit)

  • Roslyn Chapel and Healing Wells around Edinburgh (topic: where are we today in relationship to the “Hibernian Way”, conclusions, outlooks and will impulses?)

  • The National Museum in Edinburgh and Arthur's seat (with focus on the Celts, Picts and Celtic Christian exhibits)



What to bring: Sleeping bag and pillow, towel, clothes for all kinds of weather, good walking shoes. Drawing pencils or colours, notebook.


Fee: £480 plus shared costs of cars/fuel of approx. £50 and entrance fees approx. £20.

The fee includes full catering, tuition, camping fees. Not included are entrance fees (Lindisfarne, Roslyn Chapel and travel costs. We try to share private cars, a generous contribution of non-drivers towards people who offer lifts in their cars is expected.


Facilitators: Dr. Renatus Derbidge for the daytrips and seminars. Fairhill Rise staff and participants hosting the site and for the catering.

More details and registration options will follow soon.

Voices from participants of the Summer School 2021:


“Following my heart & intuition; from the very first moment everything we did on Summer School confirmed that I was at the right time in the right place!” (RS)

“Being and doing together with real people at last, after 'lockdown' year- was the best thing. Felt very blessed and happy, to be with such inspiring, kind, beautiful souls. Exciting, international vibe. Warm, vibrant, enquiring, family atmosphere, all generations welcome and present. Wildflowers wandering everywhere and homely animal friends too. Seeing puffins for the first time on Staffa- sensational! Altogether, a great adventure exploring the aims of anthroposophy creatively, in a natural, unstuffy environment and marvelling at treading in the footsteps of the great Mr. Dunlop!” (EW)


“Despite all Corona complications, I was able to calm down the outer waves and let grow something inside which I felt could reach out to the companions of the summer school.”  (CB)


“The current chaos in the world gave it an extra edge and meaning. A great group of diverse but in some ways like-minded people. We managed to create quite a powerful vessel for renewal and insight.” (JH)


“Observe nature and the landscape, create and share in the group the way we did it, has been eye opening for me. A renewal of the self through these practices.” (GP)

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