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9th Summer School  - The Hibernian Way
 17th July to 23th July 2024
at Pishwanton Wood, East Lothian, Scotland

and Callanish, Isle of Lewis

“It has been eye opening for me. A renewal of the self through these practices.” (GP)


Our flag ship event is the "Summer School Iona and Isle of Mull" (now called "Summer School - The Hibernian Way" happening since 2016. Since 2023 in collaboration with Ruskin Mil Trust.

We are all about soil and soul, i.e. the inner and the outer nature. Our events embrace, spiritual, environmental and community aspects.

We organize monthly meetings for circle discussions in the East Lothian countryside. In those we are exploring new ways of living in community and how to manifest our visions.


In December 2023 we offer a free gathering on Orkney Mainland, Scotland. Just come and join and co-create. Center of meeting will be to experience the winter solstice in Maes Howe.

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