Know Yourself! This is the ancient slogan of the Apollo temple of Delphi. It`s the way and the aim of life. It`s about personal and spiritual growth. It`s about initiation. Every knowledge, if it is not purely intellectual, makes you more connected. Knowledge and experiences that are deepening heartfelt relationships are  part of this motto. Here you find a range of events that embrace and unite spiritual growth, nature and community aspects. We believe they belong together and are, brought into harmony, the foundation of finding peace and creating peace. That is easy to say and hard to grasp. That is why we offer experiences!

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1st to 8th August 2020

Climate in the inner and outer world. How to become an agent of climate change?

The Youth Festival is for young people between the age of 16 to 35 (exceptions possible). The Questival is for you, if you have questions like: How to live responsibly? How is responsibility learned? And how can that include joy of life and personal growth? Does responsibility have to do with my connection to myself and nature? how are they interrelated?

This event is part of the "CHANGE!-Festival" and the WELTENWANDLER - Community.

Orland Bishop, inner development, community and peace
Charlot Buschgens, eurythmy and yummy food
Anna Cecilia Grünn, elemental spirits and the earth
Renatus Derbidge, nature- and self-observation, climate change
Magdalena Ries, adventure pedagogics and group dynamics
Ryddhian Knight, storytelling and community building

Fee: £210

Das Jugendfestval richtet sich an 16-35-Jährige und Junggebliebene, welche die Frage bewegt, wie man Verantwortung für sich und die Welt übernehmen kann und die glauben, dies hänge mit einer tieferen Beziehung zu sich und zur Natur zusammen. Und dies wiedrum, mit Freunde am Leben!

Dieses Festival ist Teil der "CHANGE!-Festival" und der WELTENWANDLER-Community.

Orland Bishop, Friede und Gemeinschaft
Charlot Buschgens, Eurythmie und gutes Essen
Anna Cecilia Grünn, Naturwesen und Klima
Renatus Derbidge, Natur- und Selbstbeobachtung
Magdalena Ries, Erlebnispädagogik
Ryddhian Knight, Storytelling und Gruppenprozesse

Kosten: £210