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We suggest fees that make it possible to run a summer school:

£ 560 (regular)

£ 440 (reduced)

Here is a graph showing how the fees were spent using the data of the 2019 conference which had 30 participants. We are aiming at making our budget and money policy as transparent as possible :-)


Someone ask me recently: "Why should I pay at all, when I`m asked to be a co-leader?

Your fee is a contribution that enables this event to happen. Its not a payment to buy a product. Its a gift indicating that such a happening has value to you. The more you value it, the better it will be.

An we do have costs (as you can see in the graph), which need to be covered. Part of the fee goes back towards yourself like food, the Staffa trip etc. Other parts of the amount make sure we can have it at Leob, the place needs to be prepared, the Marquee needs to be put up and down, needs to be fixed and payed of. Also the organization of the festival is a time consuming effort and is partly payed for if there is a profit. Another section of the fee makes it possible that some people that we think are necessary to make it a success, like the cook, the artists or other main contributors can have a refund towards their travel expenses and at least have no expenses during the Summer School. They will not get a honoree for the workshops, cooking etc. its all volunteering. If we would pay our workshop leaders for their contributions the fee would need to be much higher.

Still we think money should not be the reason for you not coming. Decide yourself how much you want to contribute. Please consider our pricing suggestions:

£ 560 (regular)

£ 440 (reduced)

Please pay 50 with registration, the rest until 6 weeks prior to the event.

20% are non-refundable. 50% refundable up to 4 week prior to event. If we have to cancel (because of Covid for instance), you get a full refund.

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