Healing Site Iona – Retreat

Independent Living in Holiday Flats; Eurythmy Therapy; Excursions; Working with the Subject: World- and Self-Recognition in Nature.

Charlot Buschgens (MA Eurythmy Therapist) and Renatus Derbidge (Dr. rer. medic.) are supporting your individual process to reflection, convalescence, deal with a crisis or the search for new impulses in life.

Immerse into the abundance of life forces of Mull. Breath in the calm atmosphere of Iona. Get inspired in Fingals Cave on Staffa. In a surrounding of ever present nature, the elements light, water, air, rocks, warmth, rain, rainbows and ever-changing clouds one can gain new strength and get nourished with new life and inspiration.


Part of the process will be all participants. Transformation and healing are individual matters, but not only. A group can perform miracles. An integrated part of the curative week is what Rudolf Steiner called the "reverse cult": Together we are more than just the addition of each part. Non-human beings, the land, Iona, Staffa, good spirit of the group and time will be invited to join to co-create. Spiritual beings are in particular welcomed, when - as in the case of Leob Croft and Iona - they are healing, nurturing, loving beings. 

Minimum of 4, maximum of 8 participants in 3 holiday-apartments. ­


For further details please visit: leobcroft.co.uk/iona-curative-week or send us an email. Curative weeks are either German or English.


Costs: £750 (plus accommodation £120 Double room, £240 Single room, £400 exclusive use of flat).  


Dates 2021:     

27th March to 3rd April.

8th to 15th May

10th to 17th July

21st to 28th August


Heilort Iona – Erholwoche

Selbständig wohnen in Ferienhäusern; Eurythmie Therapie; Exkursionen, Beschäftigung mit dem Thema: Geist-und Selbst-Begegnung in der Natur.

MA Eurythmie Therapeutin Charlot Buschgens und Dr. rer. medic. Renatus Derbidge unterstützen Ihren individuellen Weg zur Besinnung, Rekonvaleszenz, Krisen zu überwinden oder neue Impulse zu finden.

Teil des Prozesses sind alle Teilnehmenden.
Prozesse, Transformation, Heilung sind individuell, aber nicht nur. Eine Gruppe kann Wunder wirken! Integriert in die Heilwoche ist, was Rudolf Steiner den «Umgekehrten Kultus» nennt: Zusammen sind wir mehr. Auch geistige Wesen werden eingeladen mitzuwirken – insbesondere wenn sie heilende, liebende, mild anregende Kräfte sind, wie die von Iona.
Mindestens 4, maximal 8 Menschen in 3 Ferienappartements. ­Details unter: leobcroft.co.uk/iona-erholwoche

Kosten: £750 ink. Vollverpflegung (plus Unterbringung £120 Doppelzimmer, £240 Einzelzimmer, £400 Einzelwohnung).

Termine 2020:   

27. März bis 3. April

8. bis 15. Mai

10. bis 17. Juli

21. bis 28. August