The Summer School will consist of:

- An opening lecture

- An opening ceremony

The daily structure will be as follows:

- Breakfast at your accommodation

- Singing for a gentle welcome of the day, starts at 8:30 am.

- Observations of place, atmosphere, bees and nature beings at special locations on Leob Croft / Mull

- Tea/coffee break

- Circle discussion groups using the method "Social Cult" (Umgekehrter Kultus) of Rudolf Steiner, integrating community building methods of Scott Peck and "Council". We will learn about these methods, use them, practice them. Topics of the circle discussions will be the experiences that we will have had in nature and reflections of happenings in the group.

- Warm lunch meal at Leob (prepared by our cook Charlot with some help of volunteers)

- Some afternoons: Excursions to Iona, Staffa, the Lochbuie Stone Circle.

- Some afternoons:  workshop in Werbeck singing, gardening, time for meditation, initiative forum.

- Supper

- Evening: enjoyable participatory and artistic evening/workshop program with Horst and Jennifer about the Celtic story of Taliesin (originally from Wales) with performance, storytelling, creative writing-

The last day will be a "harvesting" day -also with a closing circle .