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Online course: "living thinking" – the bridge between the senses and the spiritual world. Learning to perceive, understand and to walk across it.

Course leader: Renatus Derbidge

Starts January 8th

Dates are: January 8th, 15th 22nd, February 5th, 12th, 19th 2022


  • Observation exercises and meditations
  • Goethean observations of natural phenomena
  • Reading of selected texts by Rudolf Steiner, Goethe and related authors.
  • A small project of your own (which is not overwhelming, but offers the opportunity to "stay tuned" and to deepen the topics independently)
  • Joint exchange about exercises, experiences and the process.
The course explores the Goethean / Steiner principle: the inside (the human soul) and the outside (nature and its phenomena) are at the core one and the same. In nature we perceive the same "beings" via our senses that we can perceive as or inner world inwardly. The same being aspect of the world can appear in a twofold way- outwardly in the sense worlds and inwardly in our soils. We only have to learn to recognize both aspects being united in he spirit world as beings that we can unite with. The "bridge", however, is an encounter of essence, as it can initially be experienced in the sensory and physical observation. In the sensual and moral observation (Goethe) or the spiritual observation (Steiner) of nature, the focus is directed to the sensory world, whereby at the same time the gaze inward, the self-observation must be added. Knowledge of nature thus becomes self-knowledge, study of nature becomes a training path.
What do I experience “intimately” in myself when I look at this yellow dandelion with these shapes and shades in this context of appearance? This world that I experience there is a world that can be discovered in me and in which I assimilate something essential that is at the same time world and self knowledge in the union with higher things.
The essence of the world appears through the human being when he gives himself holistically to the phenomena according to the Goethe motto: If you want to know the world, observe yourself; if you want to understand yourself, study the phenomena of nature!
6 Sessions, Saturdays 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and 2.30 p.m. to 4 p.m.).
1st part (3 sessions): Focus on nature. How the archetype of man is inscribed in all phenomena in the world. How Goethe's knowledge of nature can be the basis of a modern training path.
2nd part (3 sessions): Focus on the human soul. The inner being, his spiritual signature and how knowledge of human nature and self-knowledge can be the basis for the natural science of the future.
The sessions follow a curriculum that builds on one another but are designed in a way that each session stands for itself, i.e. can also be attended individually.
Full course: £150 (6 sessions). Single session: £35
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